Steph C. Age: 20

So far I've lost 15 pounds and I feel great! I'm not at my goal yet, but I feel so inspired lately! I love the meal plans. I've tried so many different things and have actually learned to love foods that I never thought I would enjoy! The workouts make me never want to skip a day and on off days I feel like something is missing. I can honestly say this challenge is life changing and I can't wait for the final results! Thank you for all your help so far!

Allie M. Age: 22

​The SD Evolution Build A Better YOU Challenge was the best decision I could have made for myself at the start of the new year. Not only does the program include easy to follow meal plans that are updated every week and an awesome training program that really helps you reach your goals, it also includes the motivation and guidance of Alessandra and the other ladies that were involved in the program. Any time I had a question, Alessandra was quick to answer and was always extremely helpful! I'm someone that loves fitness but I don't have a lot of knowledge about it. In addition to helping me achieve my goals, this program also helped me educate myself about fitness and nutrition. Thank you SD Evolution!

Client Testimonials

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Lee C.   Age:71

I had 2 surgeries on my left foot, and was in casts for over 18 months, unable to walk for an even longer period of time.  I spent most of that time on the couch with my foot propped up on one end and my head propped up on the other,with a lot of fat gathering in the middle.  Once I was able to start walking, I knew that I needed a lot of help getting back in shape and regaining my strength.  With Josh as my personal trainer, I am making great progress.  He has adapted workouts around my weak foot and it has paid off in strengthening the left ankle while also working on the rest of my body. I am happy to say that we have already made measurable progress, including the ability to walk without a limp.He combines a wealth of knowledge about physiology with a positive attitude that keeps me going.